Arthritis in Hip

There are several things that must be mentioned when talking about arthritis in hip and contrary to what one may think, arthritis in hip is not a woman’s illness. This is because since Shakira’s hips don’t lie, most people will regard anything that comes out from the hip as being feminine. This is however not the case and even though most things that has to do with hips has to do with women, arthritis in the hips can also afflict men.

You see the hip is just another joint in the human body. Although broader in females, it is not absent in males. Arthritis is an illness of the joint. It causes severe joint pain to anyone suffering from it. This is a right indication that Shakira was certainly not suffering from arthritis in hip when she shot hips don’t lie. There are many home remedies for arthritis but this is not as easy as it sounds. Arthritis is a very complex illness because it is broad. The first thing that makes arthritis a very broad illness is the fact that it can afflict virtually any joint in the body. It can affect the hands, fingers, knees, elbows, wrist and ankles.

What this means is that it will be difficult to just use any arthritis remedies. As the arthritis remedy that may be very effective in treating arthritis of the knee may not be that effective for arthritis in the hands and vice versa. There are also different types of arthritis. There is arthritis that could be caused by hemorrhaging, there is also the arthritis that is caused by gout (commonly associated with a pain in the big toe), there is rheumatoid arthritis and there is the common arthritis that afflicts the elderly. Arthritis that afflicts the elderly could be said to be due to the degeneration that is taking place in their bones.

There is arthritis in hip symptoms and the commonest one is still the severe hip pain that is associated with arthritis in hip. These symptoms of arthritis in hip are the first signs and indications that one may have arthritis in hip joint. This is therefore an indication to see a doctor. As not all the natural remedies for arthritis in hip may work.

Arthritis in hip may not be as common as arthritis in the hands but it could be as painful and so proper care must be taking to treat it.

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