Si Joint Pain Relief

Sacroiliac Joint or popularly known as SI joint is the joint that connects iliac bone and sacrum for supporting hips and spine. SI joint pain is the degenerative process where the cartilage in that particular part is not well produced. This is normal as the hip has the duty to bear our most percentage of weight.

SI Joint pain relief can be obtained in different kind of ways. Non-steroid anti inflammatory injection is the most recommended for this arthritis since the injection aims directly to the affected spot. Not to mention that the injection contains relieving substance and reduce the wound. Another SI joint pain relief can be obtained with heat therapy. Compressing the hip in deep heat may reduce inflammation.

There are revolutionary techniques such as surgical method or Bipolar Radiofrequency Neurotomy which works to create lesion with the help of electrical current in the nerves. The relief methods, however, should be done with some rest as well. You should rest the hips or spine from any activity in order to heal quickly. There are no accepted universal standard for diagnosis of the low back pain from sacroiliac joints.

There are a few provocative maneuvers on the physical exam that are shown to give enough of diagnostic accuracy. And these include thigh thrust test, compression test, as well as one termed as FABER test. This involves abduction, flexion, and the external rotation on same side as a suspected sacroiliac pain diagnosis. Also, there are other tests also, and they are shown to be very accurate to help to make diagnosis of the sacroiliitis.

The bone scans are purported to be the diagnostic tool for the sacroiliac joint pain, however many studies have also shown the limited value. The treatment choices for sacroiliitis comprise of acetaminophen, NSAIDS, and other pain drugs, physical therapy, pain management injections, chiropractic treatment, and radiofrequency neurotomy.

For the initial onset of the pain, non-interventional treatments like intermittent medication, and seeing the chiropractor is sufficient. Care must be taken to just consume medication in the alignment with manufacturer’s suggest dosage.

Like with any other joint arthritis, to strengthen up your muscles around joint can take the pressure off of joint itself, thus decreasing pain to come from a joint itself. The diagnostic injections in SI joint can give not just the confirmation of joint as pain generator but as well give the substantial relief from pain for several months.

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