Natural Remedies for Gout

As gout is a usual problem, the natural remedies for gout treatment may come in thousands methods. There are natural remedies for gout pain at home you can choose below:

Ginger root

Ginger roots are good remedies for gout since ancient. If the gout occurs in toes or wrist, put the ginger root in a pile of warm water and soak the pain parts inside. Leave it for several minutes and the pain will be relieved.


Turmeric was initially used in India. The herbal remedies for gout have been believed to lower down uric acid (the contributing factor of gout) level in the bloodstream. The high level of uric acid causes the joint to be swollen, and lowering down the acid my lessen the wound. However, they will as well try the following natural gout remedies to decrease an effect of gout.


Alfalfa is the natural herb used traditionally to cure the arthritis however is very effective to cure gout since it reduces accumulation of the uric acid in body that is a main cause of the gout. And this herb reduces level of the uric acid in your body.

Black cherry juice

By drinking black cherry juice daily is the great remedy to cure gout. However, juice should be concentrated & you should take mnay spoons of this every day.

Olive oil

Olive oil is not just culinary ingredients. It has significant impact of natural remedies for gout. Rub it on the affected area and give a thorough massage.

Devil’s Claw

The Devil’s claw is herb, which is used to cure arthritis & other kinds of the inflammation. Having this herb decreases the uric acid level in te body and thus helps to relieve gout.


Patient suffering who is from gout must include the blueberries in their daily diet since they are very beneficial to cure this disease. The blueberries are very rich in the compound named anthocyanins that helps to reduce the inflammation that is caused by gout.

Castor oil

Patient will apply castor oil to an affected area. Patient can also make the pack just by soaking one piece of cloth in warm castor oil & apply to the area, which is hurting two times in a day.

Cayenne pepper

Patient can apply cayenne pepper to affected area just by boiling it with water and vinegar.

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