Natural Remedies for Arthritis Pain in Hands and Fingers

Natural remedies for arthritis can be the alternative yet the effective way in curing arthritis pain. People at the age of 40 and above have the most things to complain about the pain. This is why the markets are throwing natural remedies for arthritis products over the stores since many have demanded them.

There are a lot of reasons provided for the arthritis. One of them is the high amount of the uric acid present in your body. Fighting this with the citric acid, like one found in the lime juice, and taken again on the empty stomach, is proved very effective in reducing uric acid levels in your body.

The physical stimulation, like massage, can be helpful in the pain relief. Massaging different oils mixed with the camphor, like coconut or castor oil, straight and gently in joints can give joints instantaneous relief.
Copper that is the metal found naturally in all human body is shown very helpful. Sufferer may store the drinking water in the copper pitcher and wear copper bracelets, the practice that dates back several centuries.

Natural remedies for arthritis

Perhaps non steroid anti-inflammatory (NSAID) medication can relieve your pain, but you have no idea how it can affect your overall health. It is reported that NSAID may lead to heart attack and stroke. This is the reason why people prefer natural remedies for arthritis.

Herbs and homeopathy have been the most favorable treatment for arthritis pains. These natural remedies for arthritis pain are a lot safer with no negative effects. Acupuncture and water therapies are the second most favorable treatment to cure the aches. While some other prefer physical therapy that includes yoga and light exercise. Though OTC & prescribed drugs are used often for fighting the pain, and there are the natural treatments available, which have proven very effective.

Example of these, which is said to be effective, generally comes from the vegetable, which is the staple food in most of the diets – potato. Potato must be juiced & consumed with the water. Person drinking this juice or water combination must do first thing in morning prior to eating anything so that your body will absorb much as possible.

One more interesting & natural home remedy involves juicing different vegetables and fruit, which includes beetroots, pineapples, and carrots. Some juices are accessible at local grocery shop. Ingesting garlic that is found in the cloves or pill form, has been found very successful.

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