Natural Joint Pain Remedies for Fingers, Hips and Knees

Everybody responds in different ways to joint pain remedies. Some may admit the remedies have worked well, but some may not have experienced significant effects. One more thing that you may look at are the whole bunch of the natural pain remedies. And these include many different supplements like fish oil that is thought to help the joint pain. You may as well take the Epsom salt baths that includes magnesium & has good results to lower the pain in case, it is from the inflammation, like rheumatoid or gout arthritis.

Joint pain remedies can be obtained internally and externally. For instance, a massage is one of external finger joint pain remedies. The idea is to let the skin absorb the oil during the massage and finally heal the pain. The massage can be applied as knee joint pain remedies in some mild cases. Unlike knee and finger arthritis, hip joint pain is likely to be treated internally.

You may as well take the supplements like chondroitin and glucosamine. These are known now and though are not the drug that they have lots of research behind it, which shows that they help in lowering the joint pain amongst different populations. They are actually found in many health shops & on different health sites online.

Natural joint pain remedies such as consuming apple cider vinegar on regular basis can be the prevailing treatment. And instead of consuming liquor, you should change your habit into a healthier lifestyle by taking a glass of carrot juice and plenty of water daily. These are some of natural hip joint pain remedies that have already been proven by arthritis studies.

First thing you have to look is your weight. The excessive weight generally causes additional stress on your joints as well as is possible to cause lots of joint pain. Additional wear and tear happens the more stress that you put on joints, thus if you are obese, then lowering your weight can lower compressive forces on the joint and thus lowering your chance of any joint degeneration.

You may do lots of exercise & strength work, which can build up your muscles around the joint. It is more in case of the knee arthritis. Strengthening the quads may mean you are making more of the barrier around knee, there is less force through your muscles and joint will basically help in opening up of joint and keep compressive forces down

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