How to Treat Gout Pain at Home Naturally

If you are too much in love with rich foods and alcohol, you are likely to experience gout. What is actually gout? And how to treat gout? Find it below!

Gout happens due to high level of uric acid in the bloodstream. As it piles up, it destructs the functions of joints in the body. People at the age of 40 and above have the most possibility to experience gout.
What are symptoms of this disease?

Sudden or severe joints pain that appears in the morning and swelling of knee. Skin around joint is purple or red. Generally, when the patient has the severe pain & swelling in big toe, without even having the recent injury, diagnosis of the gout is first, which comes to our mind.

How to treat gout pain?

If you ask your family members or relatives on how to treat gout, perhaps they will suggest you to try out remedies at home. Some simple medications have been known to effectively reduce gout pain. This is a great founding on how to treat gout at home. At times, even the young people can develop this condition in case, they have taken the drugs for very long time, and drink alcohol often or have the genetic disorder.

A pleasant method on how to treat gout naturally will be the use of water therapy. Use mixtures of warm water with herbs like ginger, licorice, or beet root to soak the gout and you can say goodbye to painful joints. Disease affects over one million US people, who generally are older than thirty years, and obese people who have alcohol, and who use the diuretics for lowering the blood pressure & women after the menopause.

What are the causes?

It is actually caused by abnormal deposition of the uric crystals in cartilage of the joints. Normally, uric acid stays dissolved in blood & passes very easily from kidney, and thus leaving your body. However, when the uric acid is there in the large amounts in your body it can likely induce the gout disease. Amount of the uric acid in blood depends on:

* Type of the food we consume.
* How much of alcohol that we drink.
* Ability of kidneys getting rid of the uric acid that is dependent partly on overall health of an individual.
* Our gender (men are at higher risk when compared to women).
* Heredity

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