Hip Arthritis

Hip arthritis is a type of joint inflammation that occurs around the hip. Since it commonly attacks people above 5o years of age, the condition is also called degenerative joint disease.

Hip arthritis symptoms are stiffness and pain on the hip due to several actions such as walking or playing sports. Sometimes using cane is the easiest hip arthritis pain relief you can find. But using the cane improperly or in with incorrect height may aggravate your symptom. In the terms of the surgical treatment for the hip arthritis there are two methods: Osteotomy, wherein surgeon cuts bone to re-align your hip joint & Total Hip Arthroplasty that means the total hip replacement. Latter is more serious.

To treat hip arthritis, one must undergo hip arthritis treatment. The treatments are so much depending on the cases. Early symptoms of this disease can be saved by doing hip arthritis exercises such as stretching or walking. Easy non-invasive hip arthritis treatments include the weight loss and anti-inflammatory medication like Ibuprofen, and the lifestyle changes- like taking up the regular walking. All these non-surgical treatments help to reduce this pain, and helps the symptoms in re-occurring. The sufferers of the hip arthritis must be aware of a few claims of benefits of the “Nutraceuticals” like Glucosamine supplements to treat the hip arthritis.

If the problem gets more severe, the sufferer should seek hip arthritis remedies in surgical or non surgical way. Surgical method is done by the specialist and usually undergone by a person who suffers from acute arthritis, while non-surgical method involves injections or dietary supplements. When hip arthritis is diagnosed, doctor can consider surgical & non-surgical treatment options. Doctor can suggest combining many treatment ways. Also, there is not any strong evidence, which links the effectiveness with the hip arthritis & they aren’t FDA regulated in US.

THA is a most common type of the surgery that is used for treating the hip arthritis. Doctor will have to analyze different factors before choosing that THA is a best treatment for the hip arthritis. Beauty of the THA is within time it may allow most of the patient to regain the normal use of hips, so they will resume all the activities that are so dear. One more strong reason to pursue THA as the viable treatment for the hip arthritis, is a fact that pain is eased immeasurably- and specifically the pain that is experienced during night that is a worst.

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