Easy Yoga For Arthritis

Do you feel your back is stiff? Are you having any trouble bending both your knees & wrists due to pain? You are suffering from the arthritis. The most common diseases in world, the arthritis generally affects 40% of the Americans within ages of 45 to 64, also around 60% of the people 65 & above. It is the disease, which causes joints to swell, and causing pain with very little movements.

Cartilage tissue that is connecting your joints is weakened, also moving gets insurmountable task due to the pain. But, arthritis does not only affect the older people. It will also affect the teenagers, adults and young children. Causes of the arthritis range from poor bone, obesity, muscle health, aging as well as unhealthy lifestyle.

Yoga for arthritis is found great to manage any arthritis symptoms with the gentle exercises. The frequent yoga exercises strengthens your joints that is very important for uplifting spirits of somebody who is suffering from the arthritis as this pain is highly lessened. It restores the flexibility in your joints, counteracting stiffness, which causes difficulty to move around. It also decreases amount of the uric acid in system. A lot of uric acid level in the body, brought by more consumption of the alcohol and fatty rich foods will result in pain in the joints.

As the physical exercise, obesity can be avoided with the frequent yoga for arthritis practice. Losing weight takes stress away from your joints & allows you move very freely without a lot of pain. Yoga as well helps to strengthen the immune system, and relax your mind & restore resistance to the diseases thus you can live life in the best way.

Here are a few simple Asanas that you may do in order to fight against the arthritis.

Wrists and hands are major affected parts of the body. Keep your joints flexible and supple by flexing & bending the wrists and clenching the fists. The ankle joints are exercised with easy flexing and rotations.

The pain from stiff shoulders and necks are alleviated with easy stretches, which serve to improve flexibility in all these parts a well as remove the tension when working on the muscles in shape. Standing Side Stretch involves lengthening of the muscles on one side of the body. Just raise the right arm up on your head & extend it to left, feeling this stretch radiate from muscles on the right side. You can repeat the step with left arm to be extended over right. Thus these are some easy yoga for arthritis sufferers.

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